The formation of the Thuma Mina Movement(TMM) is a direct result of the delivery of President
Cyril Ramaphosa's inaugural State of the Nation address in parliament on 16 February 2018. In this
nation-inspiring speech, president Ramaphosa repeated the lyrics of a song by South Africa's music
and struggle icon Hugh Masekela called Thuma Mina or Send Me. It was the new president's call for
all South Africans to accept the call to selflessly serve the embattled nation.

In 1961, newly elected American President, JF Kennedy uttered these immortal words: “Ask not what
your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country ." It was a call to arms to a nation
that had emerged considerably weakened by the hazards of the Second World War. In 2018,
President Ramaphosa is making the same call to his troubled South African nation as Kennedy did
to his American one in 196.

A Call to National Service
After a decade of corruption, maladministration and economic devastation, South Africa finds itself in
almost the same space as it was in 1994 after the election of President Nelson Mandela to office in
the aftermath of the end of apartheid. At the historic inaugural State of the Nation address, president
Ramaphosa gave hope to a troubled and embattled nation by calling upon all patriotic South Africans
to lend a hand in rebuilding the country through thuma mina.

President Ramaphosa has asked every South African, black and white, young and old, rich and poor,
male and female, to lend a hand in the difficult task of re-imagining the South Africa of Nelson
Mandela and re-building a new nation characterized by unity, progress and prosperity . It is a direct
call to all 55 million South Africans to hold hands and walk together in unity as the country emerges
from its recent sordid past of theft, maladministration and failure. It is a call to build a capable and
prosperous state in which all South Africans will live together in peace, love, sisterhood and

A New Nation is Born
In his State of the Nation address in February 2018, president Ramaphosa called for a new nation to
be born from the ashes of the previous one. Only a country inhabited by patriots who selflessly give
of themselves can re-build their country . It is only those nations where all sectors of society put aside
their parochial interests for the greater good of the nation that succeed. We need to build a nation
where employers and employees work together in the common interest of labour peace; where
learners and teachers work together in an environment of total commitment to a better education;
where the rich share with the poor in the common heritage of the nation; where the government
governs with the consent of the governed; where the strong help the weak; where the sick are
assured of the support of the state irrespective of race or class.

The Thuma Mina Movement will essentially function through affiliated organisations fitting into its
programmes outlined below. Affiliated organisations will use the TMM platform to share their
experiences, co-ordinate their activities and pool their human and material resources for maximum
impact.For example organisations operating in the field of education & training, healthcare and crime
fighting , will use the TMM platform to highlight their activities to society.

Those patriotic South Africans willing to volunteer their services to the nation will do so through the
Thuma Mina Movement will send these volunteers in the direction of their abilities and interests
through co-ordination of Thuma Mina activities in terms of programmes identified below. Every
volunteer will be appropriately placed in-terms of their qualifications and skills to serve the nation.